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About Us

Our Company - Gayatri Soft Tech

Gayatri Soft Tech was founded in December 2013 in Gaya, Bihar INDIA. Gayatri Soft Tech. is a dynamic young company operating as a programming and IT solutions provider. We attend to complete customer needs by understanding the requirements to developing state of the art IT solutions that best suit them. Company offers various types of services for clients via latest technology. We fulfill client’s dream with our new ideas, creative innovation and of course our excellence highly eligible and hardworking team .Our solutions focus on providing strategic differentiation and operational superiority to clients. Our services are client based services, which recommend you, what is better for your business. We are serving our clients with different web, windows based application and mobile application solutions. Our highly eligible and hardworking team enables us to provide broad range of services to our clients.

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About our Company

The key areas of the company operations are developing customized software solutions, providing database management software. Our team of skilled and qualified, developers adds value to the various companies and organizations in their business and welfare process, technology and products in the IT services to make our clients more globally competitive.

"GAYATRI SOFT TECH" is the leading provider of modern communication and collaboration solutions for business. Our products apply powerful technology that helps employees, partners and customers work better together.

Inside companies, Gayatri Soft Tech powered enterprise networks dramatically improve employee productivity, alignment and innovation. Externally, Gayatri Soft Tech supports vibrant customer and partner communities that drive higher sales, better service and greater satisfaction. Thousands of users and many of the Bihar’s most successful companies rely on Gayatri Soft Tech day in and day out to get work done, delight their customers and stay ahead of their competitors.

We are a Bihar, India based Web design and software development firm. Apart from domestic clients. The key principle of our work with clients is speaking the same language.

We are able to translate our client’s requirements into software solution adroitly; the end result is that we deliver optimal solutions within the stipulated time frame.

Company's Mission

The objective of Gayatri Soft Tech is to fulfill the documented expectations of our client’s requirement using the most appropriate technology that will suit the clients’ needs.

Our mission is to provide solutions to enable your business to e-merge. Today, more and more businesses seek to integrate existing systems with suppliers and customers - whether B2B, B2C, Supply chain management, etc.

Gayatri Soft Tech has the e-business knowledge, skills and track record to deliver solutions to these businesses as fast as possible. Our company focus is on web development, website promotion and helping businesses establish their brand online.

Deliver solutions that are viable and perfectly scalable. This makes us ideally suited to be your technology partner for years to come.

To provide efficient and effective corporate and enterprise level solutions in the field of IT.

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What can we do for you

There are many variations of passages of Gayatri Soft Tech available, but the majority have suffered alteration in some form, by injected humour, or randomised words which don't look even slightly believable.

[i] Gayatri Soft Tech analyses it and provides the client with a Proposal that describes the process for implementing the requirements, timeframe expectations, and budget estimates.

[ii] Once the proposal is accepted, Wipenex IT assigns a Project Team to the project, completes the necessary documentation (technical design, project plan, etc.), and initiates the development process.

[iii] During development and before the release of the product to the client, a Quality Assurance team monitors the quality of the product and it’s conformance to the original requirements.

[iv] Once the project is coded and tested, Gayatri Soft Tech releases the project to the client.

[v] The Client verifies the release.

We are hiring, be part of our team !

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