Web applications that think ahead of you and function without hiccups. At Gayatri Software Technology we turn such dreams into reality. Our team constantly thinks from your perspective, putting themselves in your shoes and developing applications that matter to you. Our shrewd interfaces work at breakneck speed thereby allowing you to get much done in less time.

Futuristic and simple, our web applications use cutting edge technology that helps fulfill your diverse needs. Following a process-driven approach, our web-app team has the right technical prowess that can help add value to your business. With all these features, our web applications turn work into a pleasurable experience that you would eagerly look forward to.

What makes our web applications different?

  • SMS Alerts
  • Real time/Period tracking
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Easy to load
  • Call Centre Interface
  • CRM Integration

 Some of the applications we have delivered:

Hotel Reservation System
A detailed reservation system with options to manage seasons, sharing, meal plans, cancellation etc


Members Directory
To manage large databases with provision for easy insertion, deletion, status management and the like


Online Stock / Inventory Management
Indispensable for online shopping portals. Easy to update and record.

Online Registration
Apt for conferences and meets, the registration encompasses all probabilities.

Store Integration
Perfect for shopping portals or any website which has online booking or reservation

Logistics Tracking
Gets accurate reports on the status of goods delivered with/without the finance aspect integration.
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